Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Subs - Gimme Your Heart

Might as well kick it off with some color-coordination. Subs were from Scotland, and apparently didn't last long past the pressing of this 1978 single, their only release. Stiff went to great pains to label it a "One-Off" release, either to hype it in some way, or to distance themselves from it. Both songs are great, the A-side a nice mix of anthemic pop and stoned contempt, but the flip, "Party Clothes," takes the badge from me with it's chunky guitar, infectious rhythm, and tender lyrical support for the singer's fashion victim girlfriend.
Hear both sides below.



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  1. Well done, Boss. Looking good. Thanks for the reds. Now how about a fistful of the blue ones? Fast. I've got the shakes